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Date added to site:17/07/10
Details: The small Vauxhall Corsa has been used by several bus companies (notably vans with Go-Ahead and First and cars with Arriva), but until 2009 had never featured in the central fleet. It was in March 2009 that two Corsa 1.3 vans were leased for use by Tube Lines, being given numbers 6709V and 6710V. For their first year, reports were rare, the vans only been seen around Acton during the night. However, in mid-2010, one of the pair turned up at Finchley Central, perhaps as a result of reallocation or changing role. The sporty looking vehicle was photographed on 10th July 2010 with a variety of Transits in the background. Although not particularly apparent, the livery does include the blue skirt, albeit slightly thinner than usual. (By the way, thanks to JM and MM for the tip-off!)
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Steve HowardSorry to correct you, Tom, but prior sightings of both vans were during the day at Acton.Sat 31/07/10, 23:09