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Photographer / Copyright: Ray Monk
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Date added to site:06/07/10
Details: The NCP Challenger bus operation was renamed NSL in 2009 but then was bought out by Transdev later that year. Both of their bases made use of anonymous cars for crew ferry duties, one of the ones at Park Royal aleady having been illustrated. A visit by Ray to Twickenham on 3rd July 2010 allowed us to confirm the identity of some of the cars there, as they conveniently carried notices in the rear windows. BN57VWS is a Ford Fiesta 5-door car, very similar to the examples at Park Royal. Similar WV57OZA was parked nearby, as was black Vauxhall Zafira FN58VZU. Without the notices, it would be impossible to be certain if these vehicles belonged to the company or to members of staff. Having said that, the lack of wheeltrims as seen here does seem to be a common feature of company-owned crew ferry cars!
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