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Photographer / Copyright: Kim Rennie
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Date added to site:19/06/09
Details: Another puzzle solved. F561KNL has appeared on official fleetlists in recent years, with a nominal acquisition date of 1st January 2000. But nobody seemed to know where it was based. Aerial photos of Ruislip Depot showed a pair of yellow road cranes in a yard near the centre of the complex and, on a visit on 12th June 2009, Kim was able to confirm that one of these was indeed F561KNL. The vehicle has separate driving and lifting cabs, the former being on the centre-line and low-slung to allow the superstructure to swing above it. The main jib is raised by a single hydraulic ram and would appear to be extendable. Note the large stabilisers in use. The wagon in the background is one of several RW-series rail wagons modified to carry long-welded rails.
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