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Details: Lucks plays a large part in photographing service vehicles, and Kim Rennie was very lucky on this day! No less than 3 tow trucks are lined up on the west side of Trafalgar square on an unknown date in the early 1980s. This was thought to be in connection with some event nearby at which broken down vehicles would have been a major problem. From the front are Leyland Freighter 2372L, with its unique single boom and wordy fleet number, Ford D1110 1931F, and Leyland Freighter 2391L with the more normal twin booms. All three have prominent bus district stickers, for Cardinal (Cricklewood), Abbey (Riverside or Shepherds Bush) and Selkent (Camberwell) respectively.
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Thomas YoungI thought that all tow trucks just carried trade plates (until 1990 at least) and I have never seen a pic of one with both regs shown. Real regs were evidently allocated on paper, hence the Leylands being replated with in-series regs in 1990. There is also a pic here of one of the Ford Ds post-LT with its KJD/P plate carried.
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Sat 19/05/07, 22:22
Kim RennieNote the leading vehicle is on trade plates onlySun 13/05/07, 00:51
Kim RennieThis was on the occasion of a ''World Economic Summit'' of world leaders with presidential and prime-ministerial motorcades going to and from 10 Downing Street. Note that the provincial flags on Canada House have been changed for national ones.Mon 23/04/07, 19:14