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Consultation - Adding post-1981 pool cars to the database
Thu 15/09/16, 14:12
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A few years ago I added the unmarked cars owned by London Transport to the database. These were a regular feature until 1980, after which such vehicles were leased instead. At the time I did not intend to add the leased vehicles since a) not a lot of information was to hand and b) the cars were not generally registered in batches. Since then, more documents have been obtained and I feel I am now in a position to add these vehicles if it would be of benefit or interest.

Reasons for adding the leased cars to the database
There were quite a few instances of unmarked cars replacing (or being replaced by) marked and/or numbered vehicles.
There were several instances of vehicles being transferred between the car and numbered fleets.
Many of the leased cars were in fact registered in batches, or in the same series as numbered vehicles, sometimes filling gaps.
The allocation and department information could be useful for determining the function and lifespan of service vehicle locations.

Reasons against adding the leased cars to the database
The information may not be complete.
The livery details are not known for any of the cars (as with the owned cars).
There are unlikely to be any sightings or photographs of most of the cars.
A cut-off date will have to be applied since details of current vehicles and functions cannot be made available. I would propose the changeover from Y-prefix to 51-reg in 2001.

I would welcome any comments on this, either here or by e-mail to

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