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Rye Lane PW closure date
Sun 01/12/13, 17:11
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I have a closure date for Rye Lane Permanent Way Depot of October 1948, the site being used for Rye Lane Bus Garage (opened in 1952). It is reported that the PW vehicles moved to Bowles Road (close to Old Kent Road Garage). However, the LT documents show vehicles still being allocated to Rye Lane into 1949, for example ticket vans 809B/810B in April/May, and car JXN484 in late June.

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Rye Lane PW closure date
Sat 07/12/13, 03:21
Having progressed a bit further, it seems the last mention of Rye Lane Permanent Way Depot in the advice book is dated 27/09/1950. The first mention of Bowles Road is dated 10/11/1950, so could the changeover have been between these two dates? Also, did Bowles Road also take over from Deptford Wharf? Sadly there are no transfers associated with either change listed in the advice book, but some Deptford vehicles are later listed at Bowles Road.