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Topic: Vehicle history curios, queries and mysteries

Firemans van at West Green?
Sun 01/12/13, 16:58
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Morris van 241M is listed as being transferred on 25/11/1948 from the Chiswick RSI to West Green as a ''Firemen's van''. It has been suggested this is an error for ''Foreman's'', but the latter title has not been seen on any other entries.

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West Green Firemen
Fri 26/12/14, 23:38
According to TfL archives West Green was home to the ''Road services Fire Safety Section''.
Note: Reply edited by Damon, 26/12/14, 23:56.

''London Transport Cap Badges'' and buses firemen
Sat 17/05/14, 14:18
A book I have rediscovered, ''London Transport Cap Bages'' by David Lawrence, includes info on Central Road Services Firemen, from which I'll summarise. Formed for WW2 to assist the regular fire services at the main works. By the early 1950s there were three Brigades under Chief Firemen for Acton/Aldenham/Chiswick works, Charlton/Fulwell works, and for garages/depots/other buildings/vehicles. This last brigade contained 10 men, but there's no mention of where they were based. During 1950-3 the Charlton Chief attended to Penhall Road (as seen in the video below) Brigades disbanded late sixties and 3 Fire Equipment Inspectors (without badges!)allocated to Bus Engineering section to deal with the garages.
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Penhall Road (British Pathe)
Sun 11/05/14, 21:21
A view of a Fireman's Badge can be found 2:08 minutes into

London Transport Auctions Limited - Apr 2014
Sat 19/04/14, 19:56
Another 'Fireman's' badge is being auctioned at this event.
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London Transport Auctions Limited (Oct '13)
Tue 25/02/14, 23:49
This badge was sold under Lot 456 London Transport ''Fireman'' BADGE issued from the late 1940s onwards to the members of the LT Buses fire brigades until disbandment in the late 1960s. Badge is nickel with enamel inlays and is in excellent condition.

Firemans van at West Green
Sat 07/12/13, 03:23
I should add that the entry dated 25/11/1948 is a bit unclear but the first two letters are certainly 'Fi'. However, the vehicle was later shown as being a normal RSE (RS) one.