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Reliance Redshaw-Lister Garage Sweeper
Thu 12/05/11, 09:26
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Hello LTSV2 members. My name is Gav Redshaw. I have just registered to this site after having found it through researching my families business, Reliance Trucks co. I got onto this site through the Reliance Sweeper at Cobham and was astonished to find the data sheet on here that tells me that there were upto 97 road sweepers in service with LT. It was my great uncle who founded and owned the business and I've other family members whom also worked for a long time within the company. Including my Great Grandad who was factory engineer and my Grandad who was in sales. The genes of the family have carried through both my and my dad as we're interested in Horticultural, Industrial and Agricultural machinery and own a couple of restored vintage tractors. Myself and my dad are both interested in finding original examples of Reliance Trucks. I've been in touch with Matthew over at the Auto Truck website who has provided me with useful information and what he knows to exsist. I'm here with a request as to the source of the data about Reliance Trucks that's on this site and any other information anybody has on them. We've all the family history behind the company which I hope to at some point post publicly on the net to which I will link on here if anybody would be interested? Thanks very much to all the members who've posted their sightings and information. It'd be great if someone could possibly tell me the origins of the data provided on here about the 97 which were in Service. Please don't hesitate to contact me either repling to this post or via my email Gav Redshaw

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Reliance Sweepers
Sat 14/05/11, 18:08
Gav, If you note on this site there is a downloadable list of all the Depot Sweepers London Transport and the privatised bus companies owned. I will email you a copy and I hope that will assist in your families research. Regards Brian Elvidge.