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Error with 828J
Thu 22/07/10, 22:58
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My Ian Allan books for 2/60 (edition 17) and 10/60 (edition 18) both refer to 828J as an AEC Regent 7-ton Lorry converted from STL43 in 1950. There is no mention of the vehicle in edition 19 (7/61)*******Ian's Bus Stop refers to STL43 as STL 43 JJ 4349 3/33 new to LGOC, 1STL1: AEC Regent 6612113 6cyl petrol AEC A162, body: LGOC H34/26R #13496, red/white/black/silver, ''General'' 3/33 CL new, for 8, 160 (Clay Hall) 7/33 CL transfer to LPTB c9/33 transfer (to AC or ED) 2/45 overhauled at Elmers End 5/48 X used on 7A (Middle Row) 6/48 X repainted, red/white/black/brown 1949 X used on 7 12/49 TB (Bromley) 1/50 TB used on 138 1/50 TB withdrawn from service, body 13593 1/50 body scrapped 828J 4/50 converted to towing lorry 828J by Kenex 7/50 RG (Reigate) (Bowles Road, SE1) 57-9 CS (Chiswick) 3/60 CS withdrawn into store 6/60 bought by S.Higgins & Co Ltd, London SE1******* Kim's book (p.72) refers to 828B (specifically as a Bedford!)
Note: Posting edited by Ray, 25/07/10, 11:02.

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