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Tube Lines vehicle catalogue
Tue 13/10/09, 22:50
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The Tube Lines Distribution Services vehicle brochure has been drastically improved recently, and is now a 33 page document that will be of interest to most visitors to this site. It details (with colour photos including many interior views) 44 types within the fleet, including some of the police vehicles and many of the Transit varieties. Some pages include vehicle floor plans, those for the welfare facility vans being notable. Also of note is the inclusion of the Modec electric van. You can download the file from (the file is just under 1MB).

What I am not clear about is who this smartly designed document is intended for. It reads like a sales brochure, but who would buy/lease a Vauxhall Astra van from Tube Lines rather than direct? The inclusion of the more specialised vehicles makes sense in this respect, and it is notable that there are no bog-standard Transits included.

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Former PPPs
Sat 08/01/11, 09:58
Presumably the Underground will not be acting as a 'dealer' and the brochure will no longer be issued. I cannot find any items on TfL regarding these former PPPs.

Tube Lines website
Fri 07/01/11, 18:42
Does anyone know if there is an equivalent to the old Metronet and Tubelines sites under LUL? For example, where would stuff like this catalogue be? All I could find was the main TfL site.