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Topic: LT Leased 6000-6999

How many IRUs will there be?
Fri 08/02/08, 23:30
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The number range now spans 6347M to 6370M, suggesting at least 24 of these vans are expected. Ray speculated that these may be to replace the 5578F-5589F batch of Transits plus the 5668VW-5678VW/5781VW batch of Transporters, these totalling 24 vehicles. The VWs are however only just coming up to 3 years old, so I would think that any remaining Zafiras or Focus Estates would be replaced first. Orpington Station has 2 or 3 of the VWs so this might be a location to watch. Can I ask for any sightings of Zafiras, Focus Estates or Transits to be reported so that disposal dates can be estimated.

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The Ghost of 28
Fri 30/05/08, 15:57
East Thames other Transit (KB57OPL) is also decorated as such - note reg.
Note: Reply edited by Ray, 30/05/08, 16:01.

The Ghost of 27
Thu 29/05/08, 11:39
East Thames Transit van KB57OSC has IRU markings on the side as per the IRUs. It is white, however, and should not be mistaken as a ghost if seen after dark. (Presumably may also apply to the other new East Thames van which may therefore be the ghost of 28!)
Note: Reply edited by Ray, 29/05/08, 16:27.

Note: Reply edited by Ray, 29/05/08, 16:27.

IRU fleet confirmed as 26 vehicles
Tue 27/05/08, 16:00
A press release last week referred to TfL having obtained 26 Mercedes-Benz 315 CDi Sprinter vans for use as Incident Response Units. A bit late but it does provide us with the MB model number, which is not carried on the vehicles. It also confirms that the 26 examples already reported represent the entire fleet.

Oh, and the Galaxy cars...
Mon 18/02/08, 15:30
I forgot about the four un-numbered LBSL Ford Galaxy cars. Like the 55xxF Transits and Zafiras, these date from late 2003/early 2004 and so should be ripe for replacement. Enough of this speculation. What I can say is this. Anything that happens, happens. Anthing that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen. Anthing that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again.

Golfs as well?
Sat 16/02/08, 23:41
I was reminded today that the four un-numbered VW Golf cars have possibly also been replaced recently. Any reports of these would be useful. However, yet two more variables to throw into the equation concern the silver cars marked up for LBSL Infrastructure (un-numbered Astras AP57WRJ and LN57USB and VW Touran 6397VW) and the three white Transits (YH05TVE/VDO/VDZ) that have been on hire since 2005.

IRU speculation
Sun 10/02/08, 18:17
My totally uneducated guess is that the 14 Hondas (known to date) and 24 IRUs might approximately replace 11 Focuses (5287-5297), 15 Zafiras (5559-5573) and 12 Transits (5578-5589). But that's probably just coincidence.