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Topic: LT Owned 1000-1999

Pole Carrier for sale
Fri 15/12/06, 12:35
3 Replies
Advertised in the Cobham Bus Museum (Winter 2006) is an ex LT AEC Mercury Pole Carrier used to dismantle Trolleybus system. Dry Stored for past 9 years. For more information, Serious enquirers only telephone 07949 516399 After 7PM. No time wasters please.

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Pole carrier for sale again
Fri 05/09/08, 12:49
In the latest issue of ''Bus and Coach Preservation'' (Vol 11 No 5 October 2008) published today there is a pole carrier for sale on page II of the Busmart bit at the back. Said to be the only known survivor it's a bargain at £2,800 having been dry stored. There is a photo of it in the advert too. But I'm still not sure which one it is as both 1080Q and 1081Q are reported as preserved but I suspect one has been mistaken for the other. It is my belief that 1081Q is the true survivor and is the one that turned up at the Chiswick open-day in 1983. Can anyone out there confirm?

Blame the BBC
Thu 01/02/07, 12:54
If it takes 40 poles to make one 'rood' - how many Russians does it take to make one 'offensive'? TW3 1962

I want a Pole Carrier
Wed 31/01/07, 22:35
It would look great in my living room. Mind you, I would also like a Czech Transporter and a Swede Mover. (sorry)