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LTSV Railway Road Vehicles is a database of road vehicles operated by railway companies in the UK. It covers the period from the early 20th century up to the present day, and will eventually list over 40,000 individual vehicles.
At present, 37,600 vehicles have been added with more on the way. Please check back.
The data for this website was collated over a period of several years by Merfyn Jones, and he kindly agreed to me making it available in a website.
As well as the data, this site includes photos of some vehicles, links to other photos, and the facility for visitors to register and log-in. They can then add their own notes against particular vehicles and/or photos.
Thomas Young, Abbey Wood, December 2021
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Latest news
16/09/2022 Another 2,359 vehicles have been added to the database today, comprising 8 recently-reported Network Rail vehicles and 2,351 BR vehicles from the 1970s and early-1980s (K to Y suffix). The number of v... Read the full item here

Latest additions
16/09/2022: YPL513Y Freight Rover Sherpa Van
16/09/2022: PYR412Y Vauxhall Cavalier Saloon
16/09/2022: PYR411Y Vauxhall Cavalier Saloon
16/09/2022: PYR410Y Vauxhall Cavalier Saloon
16/09/2022: PYR409Y Vauxhall Cavalier Saloon

Latest sightings
20/09/2022: BN19XNJ at Shenfield on 20th Sep 2022
20/09/2022: YT19JHG at Shenfield on 20th Sep 2022
20/09/2022: BN19WSF at Shenfield on 20th Sep 2022
20/09/2022: BN68ZVL at Shenfield on 20th Sep 2022
20/09/2022: BD68MFY at Shenfield on 20th Sep 2022

Latest notes
17/09/2022: Ref vehicle PYR409Y Vauxhall
Licensed 4/83 Blue Petrol
15/09/2022: Ref vehicle YT67ZHY Ford
Reallocated to NR Southern Route from 15/09/22.
04/07/2022: Ref vehicle MNN327P Leyland
Used by Tyseley S&T No1 Mechanical Gang until being replaced in 1987.
04/07/2022: Ref vehicle GRC852V Bedford
Vehicle was based at TYSELEY by 1980 when I used it with Tyseley S&T Electrical Installation Gang. It remained at Tyseley thereafter until being scrapped.
04/07/2022: Ref vehicle XCH389Y Ford
Vehicle was allocated to Tyseley S&T Electrical Installation Gang from new.